4 reasons why to outsource to Argentina [UPDATED 2021]

4 reasons why to outsource to Argentina [UPDATED 2021]

Need to outsource a software development project? Here are four reasons why outsourcing to Argentina is so convenient.

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1. More for your buck: great prices, great quality service

If you want a reliable, cost-effective software development solution, look no further than Argentina. Argentina is one of the top 1 outsourcing destinations. Ever since the devaluation of our currency in 2002, the Argentinean software development market became very cost-competitive.

Hexacta is no exception to the rule. We compete internationally with countries that have made the software industry a state policy by decree, such as India, Vietnam, or Eastern Europe. However, we not only manage more competitive prices, but Hexacta differentiates itself from them by optimizing our process and hiring the best-qualified professionals in the market.

2. The latest technology and best engineers

outsource in Argentina Hexacta software development company

Argentina started developing its IT talent over 20 years ago, during the dot-com boom in the nineties and has not stopped ever since. We have a large, technically-savvy, and highly skilled pool of software engineers ready to work at a reasonable price, and our infrastructure is the best in the region.

To add more flavor to the equation, in the last couple of years, the Argentinean Government has launched several initiatives to support the industry and to make sure to comply with international standards in terms of applicable laws such as intellectual property protection.

To name one, in 2017 an Entrepreneur’s Law was voted in order to reduce registration times and costs for entrepreneurs and simplify the process of opening a business. Now you can set up a company in just one day. This law also aims to give 75% tax deductions for tech start-ups.

Hexacta’s clients are satisfied with our services, and for good reasons. We have the best talents in the region, a large pool of industry experts, and bilingual engineers, and we are both scaled enough to execute big projects and small enough to be agile. We follow strict methodologies to reach the highest quality standards and use a large variety of platforms to develop our final products.

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3. No time difference, no problem!

Being near shore, we have geographical advantages compared to traditional Asian destinations. The fact that we are only a few hours behind Europe and even less hours ahead from the US allows us to interact naturally and frequently during the same working hours.

Our managing team in Hexacta travels frequently abroad to meet with possible clients and follow up with current ones. We like to get to know our clients in order to give them the best-personalized service we can.

4. Speaking English: Argentina, the highest English level of the region

outsource in argentina hexacta software development company

According to the English Proficiency Index done by Education First (EF) in 2020, Argentina has the highest English level in Latin America and currently occupies the 25th place in the global ranking. Hexacta is a good example, where 90% of our professionals are bilinguals.

The EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) has been created in this context as a standardized measurement of adult English proficiency, comparable among countries and over time. The EF EPI most recent edition was calculated using test data from 2.2 million test-takers. People from 100 different countries participated in it.

Argentina places itself in the top 25th percentile of this ranking, beating countries such as Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam, and India.

Since Hexacta began exporting its services, it has maintained an average billing from abroad of approximately 50% of the total turnover. Currently, 69 % of Hexacta’s revenue comes from services provided abroad and 78% of this revenue comes from the United States.

As a result, Hexacta needs its engineers to be proficient in English. We offer our professionals English lessons to improve and polish their vocabulary, fluency, and grammar.

To sum Up:

If you want to outsource your software needs, Argentina is the ideal option. It offers cost-effective software solutions with a large pool of industry experts and bilingual engineers. We have a convenient time zone and there is practically no cultural barriers.

So if you are looking for a software development company, consider taking a quick trip to Argentina- we will satisfy your business goals!

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