Hexacta developed a new app for deaf children [UPDATED 2021]

Hexacta developed a new app for deaf children [UPDATED 2021]

Programmers and designers from Hexacta developed an app for deaf children. LSA App in Family can be downloaded from the DANE Project website.

Hexacta developed a new app for deaf and hard of hearing children LSA app en Familia

Programmers and professionals of the DANE Project, together with the Foundation of Parents and Relatives of Deaf People for their Integration (Fundasor for its acronym in Spanish), developed the LSA App in Family, a free app so that deaf, hard of hearing, or children with expressive communication difficulties can use sign language with hearing members of their families.

LSA App in Family allows access to basic signs of the sign language used in Argentina. The application is based on the book My First Signs in Family by Fundasor and was created by programmers and designers from Hexacta, who donated hours of work to make it possible for the app to become a reality.

Regarding this, Juan Navarro, founding partner of Hexacta, expressed, “As part of our commitment with communities and the ICT inclusion, Hexacta has been working since its beginnings in ways to transform people’s lives and how they interact with their social environment. Throughout the years, we have joined several initiatives that aim to involve people that are in vulnerable situations to make them an integral part of society. Having worked with Fundasor and the DANE Project to create and develop LSA App in Family is very significant for us because we are helping hundreds of children to communicate with their loved ones. We truly believe that the purpose of technology is to be at the service of development and community progress, and I think we are working on this path.”

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Hexacta developed a new app for deaf and hard of hearing children

The app seeks to make accessible spontaneous communication between deaf boys and girls and their hearing parents
who do not know the sign language. “Once they enter school, deaf kids communicate at school through the LSA (Sign Language Argentina), and when they get home, they cannot comment on what their school day was like because at home they do not communicate that way,” explained Anahi Alesso, president of Fundasor.

Through different screens, the app shows how to interpret LSA words related to everyday life with images and videos, grouped into different themes: home, school, clothes, food, as well as feelings, and the human body and health, among others. LSA App in Family is also the first specific dissemination of material of this type that includes videos made by deaf people in our country.

LSA App in Family is free to download and is available for Android and iOS devices. The app has recently been updated and nowadays has more than 80,000 downloads.

In this new version you will find the following updates:

  • Available in IOS as well as Android.
  • More than 85 new signs regarding health issues and the covid-19 situation were included.
  • A new category has been added: ESI (Comprehensive Sexual Education).
  • Signs have been included in some existing categories.
  • It can be viewed online without downloading.
  • It is not necessary to download the complete App on your Tablet or cell phone.
  • You will be able to download only the signs or categories you want or need.
  • You will be able to delete the downloaded signs or categories from your device and reload them whenever you want.

About the DANE Project

The DANE Project is an initiative that brings together programmers, developers, education professionals, psychologists, occupational therapists, and NGOs to develop free mobile applications for people with disabilities.

The applications of the DANE Project seek to train academic, functional, communicational, as well as social and sensory skills. Since its creation, they have developed more than 17 applications along with ASDRA, Apadea, and the Argentina Foundation of Afasia. It is currently part of the TINC Technology for Social Inclusion Foundation, which brings together different initiatives related to the use of technology for social purposes, including the Nahual Project.

Hexacta developed a new app for deaf and hard of hearing children

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