Hexacta has new offices in La Plata

Hexacta has new offices in La Plata

At the beginning of March, Hexacta opened a new development center in La Plata, Buenos Aires. With the goal of strengthening its overall capacity and expanding its workforce, the company plans to invest 500 000 dollars in this office over 2012.

Oficinas Hexacta La Plata Development center in La Plata

This project is the result of important work done in the last quarter of 2011. The office has been set up with the latest technology, brand-new equipment, and facilities.

“This is a major milestone in our growth and we are proud of this development. In the last months, we had accepted quite a number of applications for all of our offices, and we keep working fiercely on the recruiting trail”, said Diego Vigliarolo, managing partner in charge of Human Resources.

The staff in La Plata has been carefully selected and is balanced between Java, .Net and mobile developers. Following the policy of achieving excellence through the talent of its people, Hexacta has chosen a city that is well known for the academic quality of the universities and graduates.

Increasing development capacity while maintaining the high standards of service is what allows Hexacta to respond quickly to the needs of their clients.

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