What will the New Year bring? Outsourcing trends for 2018

What will the New Year bring? Outsourcing trends for 2018

Outsourcing is becoming a bigger and stronger alternative over time. Here we show you a brief list of 7 trends that we will definitely see this 2018 that has begun.

Outsourcing trends for 2018

It is no news that the technology and business markets have evolved by leaps and bounds, which is why you must be updated on new trends that are arriving.

As 2018 begins, there are some trends related to outsourcing that you should keep in mind if you are interested in hiring software services.

What are the most important outsourcing trends for 2018 that we will see? Take note and do not get left behind!

1. The Machine Learning revolution

Although last year the trend of Machine Learning (ML) was aimed at reducing costs and optimizing processes for example by discovering an algorithm to predict anomalies, by 2018, it is heading towards the creation of innovative solutions. Its focus is not on increasing productivity anymore but on providing business opportunities for companies so they can offer greater added value to the services provided to their clients.

Outsourcing trends for 2018

According to the 2018 Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions report released by Deloitte, enterprises will likely double their use of ML technology by the end of 2018.

Machine Learning, as the core of artificial intelligence, will progress “at a phenomenal pace”. In 50 years from now, the “ML abilities of 2018 will be considered baby steps in the history of this technology”, highlights the paper.

Additionally, new advances are having a great impact on Machine Learning projects as they are becoming more and more integrated with IoT and Big Data, generating extraordinary opportunities.

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2. Go mobile or go home

Outsourcing trends for 2018

Why is it essential for companies to have a webpage adapted to mobile devices? To begin with, the traffic that comes from cellphones keeps growing at an incredible rate.

For example, the Tech Crunch website points out that consumers in the U.S. spend 5 hours per day on mobile devices. This shows us that if websites are not responsive (when the website automatically adapts to all resolutions and devices), they will probably lose clients.

Even though this seems to be obvious, moving towards mobile experiences is one of the most important outsourcing trends for 2018. If your website or app matches their needs and expectations, then it will be the basis for your business’s success.

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3. Artificial Intelligence goes mainstream

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on everyone’s tongue lately, and it is hard to think that nobody has ever heard of how this is going to make a revolution in our lives. Above all, how is it going to change the way we work (more specifically, how will it supposedly lead to mass unemployment)?

All of that is related to the fact that companies are going in for AI more and more. In fact, the Teradata State of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises survey (.pdf) conducted by Vanson Bourne found that 80% of enterprises are already investing in AI and that 30% of business leaders are planning to expand their AI investments over the next 36 months.

We can say now that Artificial Intelligence is a common thing; it is not something that is coming but something that has already arrived. It is definitely one of the most relevant outsourcing trends for 2018 to follow closely!

4. Automation gets more and more important

You’ve probably already realized that consumers’ preferences are moving towards fast and effective solutions and services.

Outsourcing trends for 2018

Consumers are having less patience for waiting and want everything quick and easy. This is why automation plays a key role nowadays as it aims to improve productivity and reduce costs by using software to replace routine human work and standardizing processes to make them high quality.

These technologies benefit not only clients but also companies, saving them time and money, which is why they are becoming an essential ingredient to succeed in business.

5. Big data will continue its impact on businesses

Experts claim that big data is the future as the importance of having access to mass data accumulated to be analyzed is growing more and more. This tool processes complex information in order to improve business strategies so they are more customer-focused, leading directly to more effective campaigns and better economic results.

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Big data is extremely helpful for companies as it reduces costs, time, and risks, which is why they will keep promoting its growth. What is more, its advancement will make analysis simpler, giving organizations the opportunity to optimize processes and software solutions.

6. The Internet of Things era

Sneakers that count how many calories we burn, washing machines that can be switched on and off remotely, and fridges that order food for you, all these examples prove that one of the biggest outsourcing trends for 2018 will be the IoT.

Outsourcing trends for 2018

This concept refers to the connection of processes, data, people, and things, which is expected to change the way humans live. How? By connecting the things we commonly use to the internet, it optimizes how we carry out everyday tasks, making everything easier and faster.

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The Internet of Things will keep revolutionizing the world; in fact, McKinsey predicts that the number of objects connected to the internet will rise between 26 and 30 billion by 2020 (by 2013 there were between 7 and 10 billion). Likewise, it is expected to keep improving its functionalities, getting more personal and predictive. So, if you have not noticed yet, IoT has arrived to stay.

7. Quality before price

The time for choosing cost over quality is past. Although outsourcing firms are known for being a great option to cut costs, it is getting more and more important to focus on the value companies bring.

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Consumers are no longer worried about the price but about getting what they want, which is why the key to success is not trying to spend as little as possible anymore but anticipating their needs and most of all, delivering high-quality solutions. Therefore, it is time for outsourcing organizations to improve their services and go for excellence.

To sum up

Outsourcing trends for 2018

Outsourcing is becoming a bigger and stronger alternative over time, as the number of companies that decide to delegate some of their work to other firms is expected to keep growing.

Along with this increase comes the need for outsourcing organizations to be cognizant of the importance of being updated, while new trends and technological advances begin to emerge. Being abreast of what is coming and continuing the development of new skills adapted to the evolution of the market is the answer to success.

Do you have any other outsourcing trend for 2018 you would like to add?

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