Join our upcoming Hexacta Summit 2021-Cloud Edition

Join our upcoming Hexacta Summit 2021-Cloud Edition

The Hexacta Summit 2021- Cloud Edition is around the corner, a free online event with four experts that will share and explore the key concepts and best practices of Cloud technology.

Summit Cloud EditionHexacta has launched a new annual event called Hexacta Summit, a space in which we will have tracks with different referents and experts of the software industry, sharing their knowledge about the latest technologies.

On July 15th we inaugurate this space with the Hexacta Summit 2021- Cloud Edition, a 100% online and free event. In this first edition, we will delve into Cloud technology with four experts who will explore some of the key concepts and best practices of this technology. The tracks will be accompanied by real experiences and success stories.

During this Summit you will learn:

  • How to turn data into information in Big Data environments
  • How to define a methodology for data projects that fits the development needs
  • IaaS and PaaScharacteristics, advantages, disadvantages, real experiences and success stories
  • Different architecture strategies based on Cloud and factors to consider according to the needs

and much more!

Do not miss this great event! To register for the Hexacta Summit 2021, complete the form here:

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